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Anouk Schepens is an architect of Belgian and French origin based in Zurich. She graduated in 2014 with a Master's degree in Peter Märklis Studio at ETH, Zurich. During her studies, Anouk assisted at the gta Exhibitions.
She undertook several internships as an architect in different offices in Zurich, including BS+EMI and Blättler Dafflon, before participating on housing and school projects in the office of Guignard&Saner. In 2015 she wasinvited as a guest critic at ALICE (Atelier de la conception de l’espace), EPF Lausanne, at the Studio Denhartog. Since 2017, Anouk has worked for Baumberger & Stegmeier in Zurich where she leads a housing project.

Janina Zollinger graduated in 2015 with a Master’s degree in architecture from the ETH Zurich and was awarded the SIA-Masterpreis. Before studying architecture, Janina spent two years in Paris doing a preliminary art school and has since collaborated on different theater and art projects in Zurich. During her studies at the ETH, she continued assisting on theater projects and studied scenography at HFBK Dresden, as well as at the Universität Weissensee in Berlin. For the last few years she worked at kit architects and just recently changed to Neon Deiss architects, both based in Zurich.

Cristina Bellucci graduated in 2013 with a Master's degree in architecture from ETH Zurich. Her Master thesis was honored as one of the best among the graduates of her year. Important experiences that shaped Cristina’s vision in architecture included an internship at the Flims office of internationally acclaimed Swiss architect, Valerio Olgiati; almost a 1 year exchange abroad during her studies at the FAU USP in Sao Paulo at the Chair of Angelo Bucci and several semesters at Peter Märkli’s design Studio. With her breadth of experience, Cristina started her own business in 2016 and now works as an independent architect in Zurich. She takes an holistic approach to her architectural work, also designing interior spaces and custom made furniture. Most recently her projects have ranged from private Swiss homes to a tranquil yoga studio in Zurich.

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